Samantha Kastin replied to AK's discussion Concate two string fields and applying substring on resultant field in DMX
"Hi AK,
For the scenario you described, a simple use case that comes to mind relates to photo naming conventions. You probably wouldn’t have a use case this trivial, but I’ll use it as an example to explain how I would go about creating a DMX task fo…"
Sep 5, 2017
Samantha Kastin replied to Don Walton's discussion RegExReplace in DMX for Hadoop
"Hi Don,
The caret has a special meaning in regular expressions. If the caret is contained in square brackets ‘[]’ and is the first character in the brackets, then it will be interpreted with its special meaning. If it is not the first character in t…"
Aug 18, 2017
Samantha Kastin replied to Ahmed Afheel's discussion (UNKJOBVER) unknown file version encountered in DMX for Hadoop
"Hi Ahmed,

It looks like you supplied a task file (with extension “.dxt”) to the dmxjob command on the command line when you ran it, as opposed to a job file (with extension “.dxj”). The incorrect file extension is why the error says “unknown file v…"
Aug 18, 2017