Jennifer Aguero replied to PrathapReddy Jambula's discussion How to call/access data from Rest API using syncsort in DMX
"Hi Prathap,
You can call to the API by creating a custom task. Additional details and examples may be found under the topic Reading from a web service in DMExpress Help.
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Jul 25, 2017
Jennifer Aguero replied to fiona fu's discussion Can DMX create source dynamically? or dynamically partition the data and create sub-folder for the data? in DMX
"Hi Fiona,
In regard to your first question, When specifying "add source", if SyncSort can execute a dynamic SQL so schema name won't be hard coded (in Oracle PL SQL we can use EXECUTE IMMEDIATELY for dynamic SQL) or execute a PL/SQL at run time?, th…"
Jul 25, 2017