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  • Hi ! Guys,
    I am looking for guidance in using SILQ with DMX-H . My requirement is to process Teradata queries through SILQ and port it to hadoop cluster through DMX-H . I have downloaded the SILQ trail version and trying to get a proof of concept to chart the sql and providing the output to DMX-H and finally moving it to hadoop cluster , however I could not see any connection in SILQ to use DMX-H to provide my out put to .
    I have also download DMX-H and explored how the job is created . Again , i could not find ant link between SILQ and DMX-H to automate the whole process in one go . Please provide your insight , in case you have encountered this scenario. Thanks..Prashant
    • Prashant,

      Silq can generate a human readable language we call DTL. The DMXh gui allows you to import the DTL language into the GUI. If you would like we can setup a product demo for this and show you exactly how it is done.

      Just email me at afarrelly@syncsort.com

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