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I am running a SORT job with NOEQUALS option in the $ORTPARM dataset.

I have a SORT statement followed by a SUM statement which is summing up the records on certain PD fields.

For me the order of records is not important and…

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1 Reply · Reply by Brian Wood Nov 26, 2013

HISTOGRM utility

Hi All,


Could you all please help me to know more about HISTOGRM utility. I just gone through the syncsort system programmer's guide(section 15) and I am not satisfied.

Please help  and provide me any reference link…

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1 Reply · Reply by Gillian Smith Nov 12, 2013

How To

I have a FB dataset containing a single record. The record can contain variable number of chars, from a minimum of 100 chars to maximum 320 chars.

I need to break the record to 80 bytes chunks and write it out to a FB…

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0 Replies · Reply by Jon Navarra Sep 10, 2013

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