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Convert Help


I recently wrote two distinct sort steps in JCL to convert a 512 byte VB file to an 80 byte FB file. The first sort step reformats the record and writes to a temporary file.  The second step simply reads the temporary file, converts…

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2 Replies · Reply by Rodney Wallace Jun 19, 2017

Parse and dedupe

I receive a delimited file from a client that I parse the first field which is an email address and then I dedupe the file.  My problem is that some of the data they are sending me is quote surrounded.  I am not sure how I can parse the file on…

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1 Reply · Reply by Josh Verne Feb 16, 2017


Hi Team,

I have a question, I have two files, like to compare and print if matches not found on file2. So I have coded below logic.




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1 Reply · Reply by Anthony Jan 30, 2017

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