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Hi all,

My name is Fábio. I work in a big Bank here in Brazil and we are a big customer of Syncsort (PHDBrasil).

I have some doubts about these parameters. Sorry if my questions sounds "dummy" but they will be very important to deeply understand them:

1- What is the differente betweem them?

In the manual I just found that Coret is for below and above 16 MB line.

2- What are the impact (memory) of using one or other?

3- If I use VSCORET I need to use VSCORE also? When use one or other?

4-What are the recomendations value?

5- We have some problens with private area bellow 16 MB line? Are these parameter related to this area? Fllow bellow our Address Space map area:

NUCLEUS                                00FD6000           168K
SYSTEM QUEUE AREA (SQA)                00DF5000          1924K
PAGEABLE LINK PACK AREA (PLPA)         00C28000          1844K
FIXED LINK PACK AREA (FLPA)            00C1D000            44K
MODIFIABLE LINK PACK AREA (MLPA)       00000000             0K
COMMON SERVICE AREA (CSA)              00A00000          2164K
PRIVATE AREA                           00006000         10216K
PREFIXED SAVE AREA AND SYSTEM          00000000            24K

6- What is the relation between them and CORE parameter? What are the diferences?

7- Please if you have any documents about these paramenter or any other which have relation with performance, send me:

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