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Undocumented parms and functions

I would like to request that undocumented features be added to the reference manual. I know of 3 instances. First the parm VLCOPY=CNT,second RPTPROG=xxxxxx, where XXXXXX represents an approximate number of records to be displayed in real time as records are being read and/or written out. Thirdly the DD statements for the join function, JNF!CNTL and JNF2CNTL which allow for modifications of the incoming files before the join process takes place.

There are probably others. So I would ask other MFX users to let everyone else know as well. 

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  • John

    I agree it is up to the vendor to update it's documentation. I was hoping to inspire  others like Bruce and yourself to add your voice to my request. The more of us that ask for it the more likely it will be done in a timely manner IMHO.  Also some of these have been available for years and in this digital age updating manuals is a relatively quick and simple

  • It's really up to SyncSort to properly document their product and it's functionality. Any use of an undocumented feature creates a risk of it changing or being removed altogether in any patch or upgrade.
  • I would second your request.  I would also add VLTESTI, which has an undocumented allowable value of 3.  That value causes VLTESTI to pad otherwise short VB input records with x'00's.  Another PARM field that comes to mind in INCORE=OFF, which forces sort to not perform an in-core sort.  I use that parm occasionally, when I am monitoring sort steps that use INCLUDE/OMIT.  Even though it is somewhat contrary to performance tuning, it helps me see that records are actually being selected.

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