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SORTIN and SORTOUT are allocated for the same file

Hi community members.
We use SYNCSORT for Z/OS with z/OS 2.2.0. In some of our legacy jobs SORTIN and SORTOUT are allocated for the same file. Should SYNCSORT always produce a correct result in these cases? Is it documented anywhere?

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  • We have referred to that situation as a "suicide sort" for decades and IMHO should be avoided.

  • If the step is doing an actual SORT, e.g. FIELDS=(p,l,x,x,) , then correct results can be expected.  If the step is a FIELDS=COPY, then there is no guarantee.  It is documented some place in the Syncsort manual that for a COPY or MERGE operation, the input and output DDs cannot point to the same physical dataset.

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