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Restructuring Syncsort SMF Record Layouts

Is there anyone who subscribes to this forum that use the Syncsort SMF records for any kind of reporting purposes?  If so, do you find it annoying that you cannot actually use Syncsort to process the Syncsort SMF records, due to the varying length sortwork dataset sections and exit list sections that may be contained in the middle of each record?  If you do find this a problem, please pass along such comments to the vendor.  I would really like to see Syncsort do one or more of the following:

  • come out with a new SMF record layout that uses the IBM SMF triplet concept, or just by placing all the varying length sections at the end of the record
  • come out with an enhancement to Syncsort to be able to actually process such triplets within Syncsort control statements, such that they can pick up offsets, lengths and counts of such sections, and address them properly
  • or ideally do both of the above so that all static length fields could be found by Syncsort control statements, ahead of the variable length fields, AND allow Syncsort to process those variable length fields.

I actually made these suggestions to Syncsort as far back as 2011. To my knowledge, they are not currently under consideration.  If anyone else agrees that these would be good ideas for Syncsort to implement, your support here would be appreciated.

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