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JOIN with JNF1CNTL: no messages written to JNF1JMSG

For a JOIN operation with control statements specified in JNFnCNTL for pre-processing an input file, there are no messages written to JNFnJMSG (as documented for IBM's DFSORT, see below), regardless of whether a JNFnJMSG DD statement was pre-allocated or not. A need is felt for reviewing the actions taken during pre-sorting of the JOIN input files.

Extract from DFSORT documentation:

Messages from subtask1. This message data set will be dynamically allocated with SYSOUT=*, RECFM=FBA, LRECL=121 and BLKSIZE=121 if a JNF1JMSG DD statement is not supplied. If a JNF1JMSG DD statement is supplied, this message data set will be given the same attributes as a //SYSOUT message data set. An alternate ddname of idF1JMSG can be supplied with TASKID=id on the JOINKEYS statement for F1.

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