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  • Thank you for the reply Arnie, that's helpful..

  • Visual Syncsort was the Windows client workstation edition for the Syncsort for UNIX and the Syncsort for Windows Server product.   Visual Syncsort would only install on Microsoft workstaton operating systems.  Syncsort for Windows was the Windows Server based product that would install and run on Windows Server operating systems.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Was the Visual Syncsort Edition just a 'Workstation' edition of Syncsort for Windows? How did we define what a 'Server' was ( for licensing purposes?) back in the day...?

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Locating the SYNCSORT smf record number being used - from a program

Hi forum We want to collect the SMF records generated by SYNCSORT on z/OS, using one of our utilities, without having to specify the actual SMF record number as a parameter.  We know that the default is type 208, but we don't want to hard code that into our program not do we want to provide it as a parameter when it might be possible to locate it programmatically (on the fly). I assume that it has to be specified somewhere for the SYNCSORT program to use it, so I am hoping that it is mapped…

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SYNCSORT In Microfocus

Hi Good day, Would like to know if SYNCSORT can be integrated (as plugged-in) in Microfocus Enterprise Server (Linux and in Windows). What particular SYNCSORT product I need? from my research, once installed, I just need to change my Microfocus alias configuration for SYNCSORT to "DMXMFSRT". Thanks in advance,

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Which platforms are supported by SyncSort?

One of the common questions asked by customers is which platforms are supported by SyncSort. This information can be found on the MySupport website Please note that a valid MySupport account will be needed to access this website. If you would like a MySupport account to be created for you, please provide the node name of your server that is currently licensed to run DMExpress or SyncSort and send a request to create a MySupport account to…

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