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Recently a customer asked me the following question about an error they were getting:

Why do I get a SOVFL error when I run my task and how do I fix it?

The problem is that the field (usually called the summarization or sum field) we are using to aggregate your data is too small for the result of the aggregation. For example, if your sum field can only fit a number that is two digits long, but you are summing 90 and 10 (=100), the three digits will not fit in the sum field.

By default, SyncSort and DMExpress base the size and type of the sum field on the source field being aggregated. So, if the source field is a four-byte EN field, then the sum field is also a four-byte EN field. If the default is not large enough, it can be changed in the Aggregate dialog (where you defined the group by keys and summarizations) by selecting a summarization and then editing the properties to “Change field format before summarizing”.

You can take a look at the SyncSort(or DMExpress) help or the syncmsg utility for the SOVFL error (specifically the explanation and actions) for greater detail.

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