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A common question people have is:

I am currently on SyncSort UNIX; what is the difference between that and DMExpress?

DMExpress is the successor to SyncSort UNIX. It is fully backward compatible with SyncSort and is designed to be able to replace SyncSort UNIX seamlessly, with no changes to existing SyncSort tasks. Some of the new features available in DMExpress are:

  1. New High Performance Algorithms
  2. Grouping of multiple Tasks into a single Job
  3. Database Connectivity
  4. Unicode Support
  5. New functions for processing date fields, string data, advanced arithmetic, hashing, lookups, etc.
  6. And much, much more!

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  • Hello, 

    Is there a difference in licensing cost in DMExpress vs Syncsort Unix? 

    • Hi Manav,

      This is a question best asked to our Licensing group. Would you be able to send an email to Alternatively if you would like to let me know how to best contact you we can have someone reach out to you.



  • Hello,

    We are moving from unix to linux, and adapting DMExpress.

    We use syncsort command in shell scripts.

    My question is: should we change the command ? or use it as is?


    For example:


    /INFILE input.txt

    /fields dummy 1: -1,

    /fields dummy 2: -2,

    /outfille output.txt




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