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sort copy DMX

Hi all,

i started the task DMX for a sort copy.

this is the return message in the log:

DMExpress : (TRUNC) unable to truncate /DIR/m_logger.txt
            () No such file or directory
DMExpress has…

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1 Reply · Reply by Gary Spaulding Sep 29, 2014

DMX Performance

Hello Everyone,


I need some help to understand how DMX works with multiple tasks and jobs running in parallel.

Why I ask ? I have a number of tasks finishing in seconds (20 to 45 secs) when run alone. But, if I run all these…

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4 Replies · Reply by Navneet Jain Jan 31, 2014

Help with DMexpress

New to DMexpress and hoping someone can help.  I have a source file that i want to put a sequence number on.  I am splitting the source file with a filter into two target files.  one target will be all records and the other will be filtered…

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4 Replies · Reply by Wolfgang Hürter Jan 24, 2014

NVL Implementation

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for an implementation of Oracle NVL like function in DMX7.10. Not that we can't implement using given ifTheElse etc but if there is one and has skipped my eye then it for sure would save a lot of repeated…

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1 Reply · Reply by Lisa Stanley Jun 25, 2014

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