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sort copy DMX

Hi all,

i started the task DMX for a sort copy.

this is the return message in the log:

DMExpress : (TRUNC) unable to truncate /DIR/m_logger.txt
            () No such file or directory
DMExpress has…

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1 Reply · Reply by Gary Spaulding Sep 29, 2014

DMX Performance

Hello Everyone,


I need some help to understand how DMX works with multiple tasks and jobs running in parallel.

Why I ask ? I have a number of tasks finishing in seconds (20 to 45 secs) when run alone. But, if I run all these…

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4 Replies · Reply by Navneet Jain Jan 31, 2014

Help with DMexpress

New to DMexpress and hoping someone can help.  I have a source file that i want to put a sequence number on.  I am splitting the source file with a filter into two target files.  one target will be all records and the other will be filtered…

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4 Replies · Reply by Wolfgang Hürter Jan 24, 2014

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