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Dear Friends,

I am trying to read a JSON file which contains different format of nested JSON structure within it. I am able to put the conditions to separate each JSON type. The problem is, i don't want to generate multiple files. EX- If my parent JSON file contains 20 subtype JSON structure, I don't want to generate 20 different JSON files of each type.

My requirement is, without writing to multiple JSON files in target location, I want to utilize those condition based outputs to input of different json readers. So that I can skip the multiple file writing step. I tried with standard output in target, but here I am not able to create 20 different conditioned outputs.

Can anyone suggest, what should be my output of my parent json so that, those different outputs can be read by different json readers in my DMX job?


Abdul Hazari

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  • Abdul,

    JSON readers can stream only one target file through stdin/out. Since you want to stream multiple targets, you can make use of copy task.

    Since you are able to distinguish sub jsons on a condition, I am assuming you have an identifier tag in the json. So, you will start with a copy task is instead of using json reader, pass the json file to it and apply regular expression to scan the identifier and create multiple targets based on its values.

    Then, have a copy task for each target and enable direct data flow. These copy tasks can then stream the json record to their individual json readers.



    • Thank you Gagan!!

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