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Transpose of Rows to Columns

Hi There,

I am trying to transpose my source data to columns dynamically using Syncsort DMX . Can anyone help me here?


My source system will contain






The required out is  Row1|Row2|Row3|.....

If someone knows the approach please help me here. Thanks in Advance

Thanks in Advance


Abdul Hazari

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  • Good afternoon,

    If you are in file-System you save the file in Unix mode with only LF row Termination.

    Then your first Task is to delete / filter out all rows you do not Need.

    Important to Keep a token like "Column1" to identify where a new record is Starting.

    Then you add a LF at the  to the end each row1 filed

    And a CR-LF before the begin or instead of the token of record start.

    In the next Task you read the file as MS-DOS CR-LF

    Then you see all as one record and you replace all LF in between with a "|" as field separator.

    Then you are done.



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