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TPT Stream - Modify .tbuild


We are required to add below parameters to TPT stream operator while loading to teradata table.


               TYPE STREAM



                              VARCHAR PrivateLogName  = 'LOAD_OPERATOR_LOG',

                               VARCHAR PackMaximum    = 'No',

                               INTEGER Pack            = 2400,

I am not sure where I can mention these parameters in a DMExpress copy task. Can someone please let me know if is it possible to mention these parameters in the TPT Stream connection in DMExpress task? If Yes, where can we mention them. If someone is sure that one cannot exclusively specify these, then too please let me know.

I could see the below block getting generated internally by dmexpress task while using tpt stream with YES for 'Generate utility job script'

TargetTable = '"ABC_STG_DB"."ABC_STG"',
LogTable = '"ABC_WORK"."t20180102204702_338475592002"',
ErrorTable = '"ABC_WORK"."t20180102204702_338472053314"',
ErrorLimit = 1,
UserName = @UserName,
UserPassword = @UserPassword,
TdpId = 'xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxx'

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  • Hi Manjunath,

    You have to create a new connection template with TTU using below options

    DBMS: Teradata
    Access Method : TTU

    Once you have created connection template ,you need to add that connection template to Target table .Once you add TTU connection by default you will get Parameters option beside to your mapping window.

    In that parameters window you can utility dropdown window to select which Utility have to use.

    In your case you have to select TPTUPDATE as utility and you will get "TPT instances ,TPT macro database" options ,You have to enter respective values in it.

    For your reference purpose I am attaching screen shot to this answer.

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