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TDE Extraction in Linux

Hi All,

I'm trying to extract a TDE file on our DMX server which is on Linux.

I created a task that will get the data in Redshift and generate a Tableau Data Extract file.(PS. I test it on my local machine which windows and it successfully run) how ever when we run it using the DMX server on linux we encountered error (See error below).

DMExpress : (GCAPIERR) data connector "TABLEAU" returned failed status for Data Connector API "dmx_connector_initiateObjectIO". Please contact Syncsort Technical Support at (201) 930-8270 /
(GCMSG) data connector: TABLEAU, severity: 2, message: error creating Tableau file "<Linux Server>:/home/dmexpress/SyncsortProjects/TableauDataExtract/RetailLeads/ouput_tde/RetailLeads.tde", vendor contact information: (201) 930-8270 /
(GCMSG) data connector: TABLEAU, severity: 2, message: couldn't create extract file (is it currently opened?), vendor contact information: (201) 930-8270 /
DMExpress : (INERR) an internal error has occurred (1 in SSFRMEF)

/usr/tmp/Script_7676_140690006091520_1997742283: line 32:  8622 Aborted                 (core dumped) "/usr/dmexpress/bin/dmexpress" "/run" "\"/usr/tmp/TaskOptions_7676_140690006091520_479491393.dxt\"" 

Is there anyone here encountered same problem? Any help will do.



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  • Dear Cris, please check if your installation is correct and DMX has access to all libraries neccessary.

    • Hi Wolfgang, we already solved it by simply excluding the IP address of the remote server when you declare the target directory of TDE. :)

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