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sort copy DMX

Hi all,

i started the task DMX for a sort copy.

this is the return message in the log:

DMExpress : (TRUNC) unable to truncate /DIR/m_logger.txt
            () No such file or directory
DMExpress has aborted

m_logger.txt is the output file of the task dmx.

Can you help me with this kind of error? (TRUNC) ??

Thanks very much



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  • Never seen that one before and I have seen many errors.  It implies that it is try to overwrite the file (or truncate it first) but the operation failed because the file is not there.  Almost seems like a timing issue - DMX checked and the file was there then tried to open and truncate is and by that time it was gone.  Or perhaps a file system that is not returning an expected appropriate return code? 

    The best course of action is to send it into Tech Support.  They can certainly help troubleshoot.

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