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New suggestions for upcoming DMX versions

Hi Team,

I just thought to share my new IDEAS which we can try to implement in upcoming DMExpress versions.

So sharing in Application modernization blog.

1) INSTR Function :  Currently we don't have exact functionality to implement this logic .It basically uses to find to search any character or special character occurrence and its position.

2) TRIM function is not allowing when ever we tried to use lookup table in target reformat.

3)In job editor while trying to arrange DMX task Icons manually into specific location it is not working as expected. Like if you have 2-3 tasks and dragging manually after select all tasks ,The inside task source and tasks icons are coming out from task outer Line. If you keep on dragging inside icons will come completely out from tasks outer line.

(For easy understanding purpose , I am sharing one screen shot which will give answer for all your questions)

I will share more suggestions in my next discussion.

Thanks& Regards,


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  • I will give more details for my above second point .

    While trying to use lookup in target reformat we have to apply join condition to retrieve lookup column .So that time while trying to use TRIM on both sides DMX not allowing to use that. So to do simple TRIM we are taking one more step to implement that logic. Instead of that if DMX allow TRIM it will be help full.

    In my consideration , Not only TRIM what ever expressions present in expression window.

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