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Multiple target from a task



Got one questions - say I have one task generating multiple targets (all exactly same though). Now can I connect each of these targets to different tasks - given each target will be connected to only source but every source is in separate task. What are the catches here if any ?

I have one such situation but I am not able to connect more than one target somehow.

Second, in this scenario will I be able to use direct data flow ?



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  • Thank you folks :-) really helpful illustrations and guidelines.. I was using partitions to create target and perhaps that is the one not leting me use direct flow, I am trying the other way now.. thank a lot.. you guys were quick and spot on as always !!

  • So I think you want to have an initial task (call it "A") that creates several target files (call them "File1", "File2" and "File3").  Then you have other tasks (call them "B", "C", and "D") that each process one of these files.  This should be easy to do.

    To create a target file in task A, right-click on "Target", select "Add File..." then define the location, file type and other options for that file.  Repeat those steps for each additional target.  You should see the multiple targets shown under "Target" in the task editor.

    You may also want to define reformats for the target files (unless you want the data to have exactly the same appearance as it did in the source).  Also, if you do not want all source records to go to all targets, you will need to define a filter for each target to control which records are written to it.

    In tasks B, C, and D, you would define a single source file that is one of the targets created by task A.

    In the job editor, you would need to make sure that the sequencing was correct: Task A first, with 3 sequence arrows going out from it, each arrow pointing to one of the other tasks.  In this arrangement, direct flows will be possible because there are no "cycles" in the design of the job.  (Also, as mentioned in another reply to your question, direct flows are disabled if the multiple sources are created by partitioning.)

    Hope this helps.

  • Dear Navneet,

    depends on what you are doing in your task(s).

    If you have many "named" target, your next task(s) can take them as source by the name.

    And you can use direct flow.

    If you use the partition feature to have multiple targets, you can't use direct flow.

    Each target has a name nevertheless and you can use this name as input (even via wildcard) for the next task(s).





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