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Exit or API to post numeric into a current column

I am very new to DMExpress. My question is the ability to replace an existing year to date (run date) value with the the last day (year to date) of the previous month.  

In other words invoke a call/api or subroutine type function that will allow me to do something like this within the feature set of DMExpress.

I am thinking of a reference to an array or table with hard coded Year to date values for the last day of each month in the year that I can use in the calculations. 

Or am I better off excuting an external program outside of a task execution of DMExpress within the job flow?


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  • Have you tried something like this as a new value?

    DateLastDay(DateAdd(Today(),-1,'MONTH'), 'MONTH')

    Not sure if I completely understood your question, but perhaps playing around with the above expression should get you what you want.

    I don't see a need to go external to DMX at this point...

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