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Does DMExpress Support bigint and bigserial


We are currently using DMExpress 7.13 Linux 2.6 x86_64 64-bit. We are having an issue converting from Informix XPS to Informix IDS. When using XPS we define columns that have large numeric values as int8 and serial8.  This works fine with our version of DMExpress. However, IDS does not support int8 and serial8, it uses bigint and bigserial.  When we try to run the DMExpress job against IDS, we get:




<Text>data type of column &quot;audience_key&quot; in database table &quot;EDW-AudienceKeys&quot;

 is not suppo




<Text>DMExpress has aborted</Text>



We have tried to define audience_key as bigserial and bigint.  Is there a different version of DMExpress that might support these new data types?

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