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DMX/DMX-h version 9 coming soon!

DMX/DMX-h version 9 will be out soon! Highlights of new features:

  1. Spark support, allowing jobs developed once in the DMX IDE to be run in Spark, in addition to MapReduce or a single LUW node

  2. Kafka targets/producer support, to add to the existing Kafka source/consumer support

  3. Extended tasks, allowing for user executables/scripts to be seamlessly integrated into the DMX job flow and the DMX user interface

  4. Data Funnel, to allow for the bulk migration of data from multiple data sources into data targets, such as a data lake, with a single, simple command

  5. Mainframe data formats, EBCDIC support, and Mainframe file support in Hadoop, to allow for the processing of Mainframe data within a Spark/MapReduce cluster

  6. Support for longer records, for improved handling of large objects and other long records and fields

Stay tuned for the release announcement...

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