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The getting the following error when trying to run the syncsort job via shell.

I have developed the syncsort job in 32-bit client, but I am running on a 64-bit OS version. could that be a problem. When I am able to run successfully via the syncsort Task editor.

DMExpress Job : (UNKJOBVER) unknown file version encountered in job file /home/TestingSyncsort.dxt.
Job has aborted.

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  • Hi Bala Krishna,

    It looks like you are trying to run a task file (.dxt) with the dmxjob command. The dmxjob command is used to run jobs (.dxj files), not tasks.

    Use the dmexpress command to run a standalone task. Try "dmexpress /run TestingSyncsort.dxt".

    For more information, see the DMExpress Help topic "Running a task from a command prompt."

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