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Comparing numbers - question


I am doing 2 comparisons as below.

IfThenElse({FIXD--MSG}.{FIXD-COUNT} = -9999999,0,1)

IfThenElse({FIXD-MSG}.{FIXD-AMOUNT} = -999999999999999,0,1)

The FIXD-COUNT and FIXD-AMOUNT fields are packed decimals of length 4 and 8 bytes respectively.

The first IF-THEN-ELSE condition is returning 0 but the second IF-THEN-ELSE condition is returning 1.

Is there any problem with the second IF-THEN-ELSE ?

Need your help.

How does the numeric comparison work in DMX ?

Is it byte-to-byte comparison or is it data type comparison ?

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  • Ramprasad, 

    DMExpress does not do a byte comparison. It does a numeric comparison of {FIXD-MSG}.{FIXD-AMOUNT} and the constant. If they are not the exact same number the comparison will fail. 



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