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  • Syncsort tech support helped me out. Here's their answer below:

    "This is called a "keybreak" and we have an example of how to implement it in DMExpress.

    You will want to sort your input by the first 2 fields, then use User Defined Value functions to increment a counter that resets when the first 2 fields exhibit a change.

    Please refer to the topic “User defined values and functions” and the "count_keybreak" and other examples outlined in Examples\Features\UserDefinedValues directory under the folder where you installed DMExpress, for more details."

  • Can you provide a few more details and some example data of the source and what you want the target to look like?

    • Hopefully I can explain it a bit further.

      Here's a representative example of the source, and of the desired target data. I'd like to add to the target a sequence number for each record that shares a duplicate id-datetime combined key. When a new combined-key is found, the sequence number will reset to 1. Also the source data will be sorted by the combined key.

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