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I'm dealing with a fixed-length mainframe file, parsing it with DMX. We're handling many, many files with no issue, but here is a new problem. One field in one particular file contains 51 bytes of binary data. We normally use delimiters, but with binary data, that's out the window of course.

The solution we'd like to implement is to simply Base64 encode that field. That will eliminate the delimiter issue. But unfortunately, I don't see any way to do that with the built-in functions. Am I missing something? or do I need to break out my C compiler and figure out how to do an External Function?



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  • Hi there, I have the same challenge as Andrew Machtolff - much appreciated if Syncsort/Andrew could share the solution, if there was one.

    If not the code, then some basic direction would help too. Which base64 library did you use. Issues compiling in unix/win?



  • Sorry for the delay in reaching out, but yes you could use an external function.  There is a hash example in the Help, you should be able to use that and just update the base hash code.

    If doing this in hadoop, remember to either install that library on the data nodes or use distributed cache to push it out.

    Technical Support may be able to provide examples other than the hash as well if needed.

    Also, if you have services time remaining from your initial purchase, you could ask to use the services time to have Syncsort build it for you.

    Hope this help and wasn't way too late.  If you found another solution, please share! 





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