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(UNKJOBVER) unknown file version encountered

Hi All,

I create DMXJob using 9.4  but when running on the server I am getting 

************************ BEGIN JOB account-master ************************

DMExpress Job : (UNKJOBVER) unknown file version encountered in job file /Jobs/XX1.dxt.

Job has aborted.


Server Version :

$ dmexpress

[DMExpress 9.4 Linux 2.6 x86_64 64-bit Copyright (c) 2017 Syncsort Inc.]

DMExpress Task Editor version (Windows) 9.4.0

Any idea ?

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  • Hi Ahmed,

    It looks like you supplied a task file (with extension “.dxt”) to the dmxjob command on the command line when you ran it, as opposed to a job file (with extension “.dxj”). The incorrect file extension is why the error says “unknown file version”. It does not, in this case, have to do with your version of DMExpress like the DMExpress help suggests, since both the server and task editor versions are the same.

    I’m assuming the following is what you ran:

    dmxjob /run XX1.dxt


    If that’s the case, then assuming you have some other file (for example, “MyJob.dxj”), which is a job file that contains your task (“XX1.dxt”), then running the following command should work:

    dmxjob /run MyJob.dxj


    If you only wanted to run a task file and not your entire job, you would use the command:

    dmexpress /run XX1.dxt


    Let me know if this helped!

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