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Hi SyncSort team

We are evaluating this use case in SyncSort, please help us our understanding.

We have a table T1_Current in Hive (Database name say current_data_db)

We have another table T1_New in Hive (Database name say newdata_db)

Everyday we get new data and it is stored in newdata_db.T1_New table

Our requirement is to merge the data between newdata_db.T1_new and current_data_db.T1_Current based on a primary key.

in this process the output we get we wanted to have in Hive i.e. output in Hive because of above SyncSort task/job is:

1. AVro file format

2. Partitioned based on a date filed in the dataset (both current and newdata database/tables mentioned above will have a same date column)

3. Bucket the data in T1_Current table based on say primary key and say we need 64 buckets

We are having questions on how to achieve above output through a SyncSort Task/Job.

Here are our assumptions:

1. A SyncSort job can output only one file at a time - we dont know whether it can otuput to many files or not that is why this assumption

2. A SyncSort job can take multiple input files - we are planning to use the DTL language to build this whole task/job. This way we can develop as many INPUT files we can

3. We like SyncSort job to process INPUT in a defined sequence - reason for this is we have,, in T1_NEW table and in the table T1_Current we want to ensure that a primary key has only latest and greatest record version i.e. when we consolidate all T1_New Hive table data files i.e. Jan1_2016, Jan2_2016...Feb9_2016 in a single job we like SyncSort to process all the input files in a "use defined sequence".

We feel current we cannot specify sequence numbers for INPUT files in SyncSort  but T1_Current can have only latest and great version of each record. To overcome this challenge we are thinkng to process each file in a sequence at a time and that too in a separate job with each job executing in a sequence.

Please let us know if you have any recommendations for the above.


Kishore Veleti A.V.K.

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  • Hi Kishore,

    DMX tasks do support multiple sources and multiple targets. In the Task Editor, you can add more files by choosing Add Source/Target. In DTL, you can have multiple /INFILE and /OUTFILE options.

    Also note that there are SourceName() and SourceFullName() functions available, which identify the source file that a record came from. You could potentially derive a key from the filename by creating a value that uses these functions to parse the filename.

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