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Dear All, I am trying to develop a SyncSort Job/Task which copies contents of a LINUX folder to HDFS location. My requirement is I have given SOURCE as Linux path say /data/my_ivr_logs and in this directory I have say 100 files.

Now I wanted to move all the files in above Linux location to HDFS path say /hdfs-data/ivr_source/

I developed the program and trying to run this in a Test Drive VM (Syncsort + Cloudera). I am always getting this error

Please help me what I am doing wrong here?

************************ BEGIN JOB nfs2landing_ingestion_job ************************


************************ BEGIN TASK nfs2landing_ingestion_task ************************

DMExpress Job : (PROCESSSTARTERROR) cannot start process ssshglue

                () No such file or directory

************************ END TASK nfs2landing_ingestion_task   ************************

Job has aborted.

************************ END JOB nfs2landing_ingestion_job   ************************


Kishore Veleti A.V.K.

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  • The first thing that comes to mind is to make sure that your PATH is setup correctly and that the <DMX_HOME>/bin is in the path. However I suspect that you are past this since you had a successful job run in another thread.



    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for all your comments for this post and the others. I will try all your recommendations, going to use SyncSort for various scenarios.


      Kishore Veleti A.V.K.

    • Chris,

      We are trying to connect from Windows 32-bit host to Cloudera HDFS and it is giving an error. Same thing with SyncSort Cloudera VM.

      Error message says contact SyncSort support.

      Here is my setup:

      On Windows :

      Installed SyncSort Windows client and as a Destination click on Browse button -> select HDFS, entered the HDFS details. On click of OK button we are getting Error and it says contact SyncSort support.

      One of my team member updated me we have to create an ODBC registry in Windows for HDFS and access HDFS through ODBC in SyncSort task editor. Is this true?


      Kishore Veleit A.V.K.

    • No that is not true. There are no ODBC connections required to connect to HDFS.

      Can you include a screenshot of the error you are getting?



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