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  • Yes, exactly Brett.  I was thinking the same thing leverage some of the content in the release notes.  The release notes have a section on New functionality/features and as we create new point releases where there are relevant features/functions we are going to include that content in the community. 

    • Sounds good.  I look forward to the new information being posted with any new DMX-h release.

      Thanks Arnie.

  • Brett,

    Today what happens is the support site contact for the product gets an email notification.  Typically, these emails go out twice a year when new releases are announced.  I like your idea of posting new releases onto this forum as well.   Would you want to see a list of new features and functions as part of these new releases posted.



    • Arnie,

      It seems that DMX-h goes through a number of major point and minor point releases (8.x.y, for example) throughout the year that we be beneficial to know about in an open forum like this one.  A link to the release notes when a release is GA on the forum post would be very helpful.



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